SourceA couple of “Buckwild” Stars are horning in on Farrah Abraham’s sex tape territory TMZ has learned. The stars are on-again-off-again couple Shae Bradley and Jesse J – and they engage in what we’re told is “trailer park sex.” Translation — nothing fancy, down and dirty and a tad tacky — she doesn’t even take her shirt off.

We’re told “Buckwild” producers knew about the tape before they started shooting the show, and told Shae and Jesse to keep their mouths shut. But now that the show has gotten the ax, it’s being shopped around. Unlike our fair Farrah, it’s unclear if Shae and Jesse are behind the possible sale of the XXX vid. Shae tells TMZ, “Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn’t trust and is looking to exploit the relationship we had.”

She may want to reconsider … TMZ has learned is willing to pay Shae $50,000 in cash if she’ll sign off. To sweeten the deal they’ll throw in a year’s supply of cigarettes … any kind her hillbilly heart desires. But Shae tells us … “No way.”


I had no clue what “Buckwild” was until that kid forgot to roll down his window but I gotta say these people are milking the shit out of this thing on a level I don’t think we’ve seen before. Like this is Kardashian level money-grabbing right here. Releasing a “trailer park” porno tape where the girl doesn’t even take her shirt off? Fucking weird man. I mean do you even get to see dick going in? Because that’s a huge concern. You ever seen a vagina by itself? Not for me.

Anyway the real story in my book is the downfall of YouPorn. Not too long ago I’m pretty sure YouPorn was the #1 porn website in the world. Then others like PornHub and YouJizz started to raise the stakes and up their game and now YouPorn’s offering 50 large and a park of fucking Marlboro Red’s to stake claim to some half-naked rednecks banging in a trailer. It’s like the final nail in their smut coffin. Kinda bittersweet if you think about it. But as a great man once said, don’t be sad that it’s gone, be happy about all the times you masturbated to their content. Wise words friends.