[Source] - The men’s basketball game between No. 10 Florida and Georgetown on the deck of a ship was called off at halftime Friday night because the court became too wet. Florida led 27-23 at the break in the Navy-Marine Corps Classic when the matchup aboard the USS Bataan was stopped by the court condensation. The game will not count and will not be made up. ”It was all about student-athlete welfare,” said Alan Verlander, the director of sports and entertainment for the city of Jacksonville. ”We’ve got to go back to work and maybe become meteorologists and do some things different. We and the Navy are committed to the event and doing it right.” “Time of day is something we’ll examine,” Verlander said.

Event organizers said they want to do it again next year. The pomp and circumstance surrounding the game, as well as players and coaches interacting with military members, seemed like a good idea to everyone. All 3,800 seats were filled, even at $1,000 a ticket, and there were hundreds more standing in open areas around the court.

Kind of crazy how the event organizers for this thing are geared up and ready to give it another go next year. Bragging about how all the “pomp and circumstance” and the attention the game was getting was awesome. Patting themselves on the back for selling out every seat, even the ones that were going for $1,000. Hey newsflash guys. Playing college hoops in the fucking ocean is a terrible idea. Like the fact that people paid any amount of money for this is straight-up robbery. Pretty sure Billy Donovan’s gonna drown in his own smug one of these days anyway, no need to expedite the process by having some white caps crash onto your boat court and sweep him out to sea like Wilson in Castaway.
And you gotta love the guy trying to save face saying “Time of day is something we’ll examine”. Yeah that, OR just have the game in a fucking basketball arena instead of on a military ship out in international waters or wherever the fuck this thing happened. Just a thought.