Addison - The student who had reportedly been restrained by an intruder in a bathroom at a local junior high school on Friday has admitted to fabricating the story, police said Monday. “The internal report received by the police department from the school indicated a student was restrained in the restroom by an intruder,” Addison Police Director Bill Hayden said during a press conference. “During the course of the investigation, the student admitted to fabricating the story.

An in-depth investigation revealed that at no time was the security at Indian Trail Junior High School breached.”The information police initially received led to an “overwhelming” response by the Addison police department (located across the street from the school), DuPage County and other mutual aid departments, and the school was placed on lock-down for several hours. The area was “flooded with resources” to make sure the students and staff were safe, he said. He said police knew with certainty that the story was fabricated by Friday evening. 

When pressed as to whether the student was ever actually restrained, Hayden said, “I don’t want to go into the specifics because it deals with a student, but the circumstances led us to believe that there could have been an intruder in the school. And that’s why you got the response.”
The easy thing to do here would be blame the girl behind all of this. Just call her a drama fueled, attention craving bitch with no perspective about how her actions effect people and who doesn’t understand how fucking stupid she is. But, she’s a girl in junior high so all of that goes without saying. Instead it’s pretty obvious that the police department fucked this whole thing up. Like at the end of the day all that happened was a girl said an intruder tied her up in a bathroom right? Big whoop. I mean is that even a crime? Gotta be a misdemeanor at most. So who gives a shit. Keep your eyes peeled and hope you find the guy. Don’t have to go shutting down multiple schools and putting everything on lock down like you’re CTU responding to a fucking terrorism attack. It’s one measly kid. Relax. Egg on your face Addison PD. Egg all over your face.