Yeah Dave, Jay Cutler, NFL Quarterback, is spending his free time making T-Shirts in his kitchen. Pffft. Bro, I made that shirt, and I know its fucking awesome, because I designed it too.

Do people see what I’m doing here? I’m trying to stay one step ahead of the curve. Any junkyard wannabe Barstool Site can make a T-Shirt, none of them can make a T-Shirt and then get it into the hands of an NFL Quarterback who then wears it as his press conference. Its called hustling. I’m trying to put Chicago Barstool on the map over here. Spreading the gospel of The Stool all over the Country with Blogging, Stalking, and T-Shirts, one day at a time.


We’re working on getting these shirts made as soon as possible. Will let everyone now when they’re ready for sale.


Not sure we can get Pres on KFC Radio but if he wants to watch tonight I’ll be wearing the same shirt that Jay Cutler wore in his press conference today. NBD, but KBD.



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For Anyone outside of Chicago asking, its the Chi flag with sools instead of stars. Doesnt mean the whole country can’t wear it though. Just tell everyone you bought it because you visited Chicago and realized its the best city in the world. No one will argue.