First off to answer my own question: Absolutely. Yes I would eat all of those cupcakes. Aside from the fact that they’re babies resting on top of vaginas they look absolutely delicious. I don’t care if you add some red frosting and say they were aborted, a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake. Period.

The problem is, in a social setting, which one do you eat? Do you just do it by skin color? Feels that anyway you go you’re just opening up the Racial Floodgates. Obviously I assume you can’t take that one really black one. Clearly that was made because there’s a black person showing up. But if you’re white, do you just eat one of the white ones? Kinda seems like a diss to all the others right? Like a superiority thing. I don’t think I’d have the balls to just grab a Caucasian cupcake in front of a room full of people without some white guilt setting in. So I guess you go for the light skinned one right? Treat it like a standard chocolate cupcake and ignore the potential negative ramifications? Who knows. I’m just glad only chicks have to deal with shit like this because I’m about to have an anxiety attack trying to figure out what I’d do here.