How bout that kid just screaming “World Star! World Star!” at the end? Like dude you’re a white kid in a white school in a white suburb. What the fuck are you doing screaming about World Star for. You are literally the exact opposite of their demographic. That’d be like someone in the hood capturing a gang fight on film and a member of the Crips yelling “Yo nigga send that shit in to Barstool!”. Doesn’t fit. And for the record the “N” word is okay there because it was a quote, it wasn’t like I was the one who said it.

PS – And as a side note, that kid was the worst school bully ever. Everyone knows bullies don’t actually fight people if they aren’t behemoths. You just verbally push and prod and make fun and then if someone actually tries to throw down you just make some remark like “Psh, I would totally fight you but I don’t wanna get arrested for murder when I crescent kick your skull into the library” and you walk away asap. Idiot.