So confused by this video. First off, this woman has to be deaf right? Has to be. At first I was thinking maybe a dead ringer for like a native Kenyan broad on disc 4 of her English Rosetta Stone but when the action picks up around 0:46 she has the exact prototype of the classic deaf accent. Just hammering her back molars. The whole rant was about as crisp as a Ritz cracker soaked in soda water. Yeah she responds to some people but you can probably just chalk that up to lip reading. Def deaf.

Second, is she seriously getting this mad over some dude accidentally kicking her? Like I’m assuming this dude she’s yelling at didn’t just purposely wind up and Ray Finkle boot her jaw wide right so maybe she should chill out a little bit? Maybe cool it on calling other people violent when you’re deliriously screaming at the top of your lungs like a crazy person on public transit?

Speaking of which, where the fuck was this video taken? Half the ethnicity’s in the world is represented in the 5 or 6 people you can actually see here. Asian people, white people, the woman herself if she was indeed black. Pretty much the only 3 types of people that matter nowadays and there they all are, living in perfect unity outside of the fact that one of them might go on a mass murdering killing spree against everyone else. Utopia city.