Source - A three-year-old girl appears to be fine after her mother says she consumed and passed pieces of glass from a Subway sandwich last week. However, the woman is frustrated and angry about the company’s response to the incident. “They’re just not contacting us,” said Laura Clark, whose daughter, Aubrey, suffered cuts to the roof of her mouth, her cheek and tongue when she ate about half of a six-inch turkey sub Thursday morning at a Peterborough, Ont., Subway. “There’s nothing being done,” by Subway’s head office, Clark said. “They’ve given us nothing but the runaround and pretty much downplayed everything that’s happened.”

Clark said she and the doctor found seven pieces of glass in the remaining portion of the sandwich, ranging up to about half the size of Clark’s pinkie fingernail.


Will people just get off Subway’s dick already? Jesus christ you maniacs are all out of your mind. Bunch of babies crying because their footlong sub was 11 inches and Subway’s bogus apology which was just PR 101 and now this woman complaining that her daughter ate a 6-inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato and handfuls of glass the size of a fingernail. It’s preposterous.

Look babe, if you’re feeding a 3 year old daughter Subway you’re a terrible mother. Like Casey Anthony level awful. Subway is for adults who forgot their lunch or are in a hurry. I didn’t even know kids that age could eat sandwiches yet. Pretty sure it’s just titty milk and apricot Gerber’s until you’re like 7 years old. So there’s your first mistake. Second, Subway sells a lot of sandwiches. Like millions a day. Every now and again there’s going to be a bad apple. Maybe the lettuce is old. Maybe the roast beef has that weird green substance on it (What the fuck is that?). Maybe there’s a broken window in your turkey sub and your entire mouth is covered in shards of glass and bleeding. Who cares. It happens. Just march back in the store, get some free white chocolate chip cookies and be done with it. Enough of this complaining to corporate offices and CEO’s like they give a shit. They don’t and they shouldn’t. If you can’t make your kid their own glass-free lunch you’re a shitty parent and probably poor.