Source - Over the last month, St. Louis resident Veronica Williams, pictured above, has been forced into a hellish, “Billy Madison”-esque existence. Williams’ fourth grader attends Barack Obama Elementary (Barack Obama Elementary!), and administrators there allege he has been disrupting class. The school’s solution, apparently, has been to require that either Williams or her partner sit in class with her son. 

Veronica Williams says she went to school with her son for awhile, but can’t afford to do so anymore for fear of losing her job. She says when she stopped going to class her son was kicked out of school and he hasn’t been back in over a week. Veronica Williams says she can’t believe an administrator at Barack Obama Elementary said her 10-year-old son cannot return to school unless she or another adult sits in class with him every day. “It’s frustrating. It’s stressful. It’s ridiculous. I done it for two weeks”, said Williams.


What in God’s name is wrong with this woman. Why is she complaining? I would be absolutely thrilled if a school administrator told me I had to go back to 4th grade and sit in with my 10 year old kid everyday. First of all school is WAY more fun than work. And this is coming from a guy who masturbates on the clock at least twice a day. You know how much time I get for recess everyday now? Zero time. If I was in 4th grade I’d be outside right now dominating some basketball and swatting my brat kid’s finger roll right back in his teeth. Hope you got money for the dentist bitch! Because I ain’t got a job anymore because I’m roasting your ass and showing you how to protect the paint.

But I think the real reason I’d go back is I might actually need the education. Like no joke I have completely forgotten or erased some of the key building blocks of being an educated person. I have pretty much no idea what an adverb is anymore. To be perfectly honest I don’t think I was ever sure what it was in the first place. I have completely forgotten my multiplication tables. Do you know what 7 x 6 is? It’s whatever 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 comes out to. That’s all I can tell you. I’m not kidding I need the help. I’ve been free falling mentally since I was like 15 years old. Just amazes me that this woman would complain and whine about being handed such a blessing.