Listen, I don’t like blaming refs every time a game doesn’t go the way I want. It’s too easy. Yeah they all fuck up, especially in the NBA, but for the most part shitty calls go both ways throughout the course of a game and bottom line is players decide the outcomes almost every time. The only way to counter any officiating mistakes is play better and be better than the other team. It all evens out.

But last night’s officiating was not only horrendous but it cost the Bulls a chance at a signature division win with every odd stacked against them. Noah out with a foot injury. Hinrich out. Boozer struggling with his hamstring. Marco hobbling around draining buckets on one ankle. They should have had no chance in that game. Yet they hung around and chipped away bit by bit in the 4th and had a chance near the end only to get robbed by a shady fucking call. Like how is it possible that play wasn’t reviewed? Roy Hibbert’s huge fumbling mits were so obviously the last things to touch the ball nobody on the entire court started walking the other way except the refs. Even Hibbert was standing around like some big, dumb idiot wondering how he fucked that play up. Just totally inexcusable to leave a team out to dry after they busted their ass short-handed on the road and rob them of a huge game. Not saying they would have finished the comeback, but the second that call was made you knew Paul George was going to close it out on the other end and that’s just what he did. Can’t help shake the feeling the Bulls were straight up robbed last night.

PS – Nate won Eastern Conference player of the week last night which was 100% deserved. I said before that on some nights for minutes at a time he’s basically the best player in the world. Usually I’m joking but it’s basically true at this point. Sucks he might not be back next year with the logjam at PG.