Actually, fuck that, I’d rather not watch a 15 minute piece with corny Rick Reilly jokes about loop, swoop and pull.

Yesterday was EXACTLY what the Bears needed. Bears Win. Packers Loss. Back in sole possession of first. Cutler looked great, the O-Line looked not terrible, the Defense got its swag back, and Tice actually called a balanced game with some really nice calls to get Cutler out of the pocket. And I know it was the Vikings and the Bears should win a game like that but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again every team (outside of the Chiefs) can be tough on every weekend. The Vikings beat the Niners by 2 touchdowns, playing the who beat who game is fucking pointless.

So here we go. Stretch run. At this point we know exactly what they are. A team that plays good defense, can run the ball, and desperately needs Cutler to be healthy to be competitive. We know where our weaknesses lie. The offensive line, Tice’s play calling, and the tight end position. But guess what, every team has weaknesses. Is there one team in the league this year that is head and shoulders above every one else? The NFL is so week to week. Every single Sunday there is a new Super Bowl favorite, meaning there is no real Super Bowl Favorite. Just get into the playoffs and see how it shakes out from there. 8-3 to start December and sole possession of first place, if you gave me that back in August I’d take it in a heartbeat.


That throw Cutler made to Spaeth in the second quarter was a fucking laserbeam. That’s the difference between Cutler and Jason Campbell. That and like a million other things, but definitely that.

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Sunday NFL GIF Roundup [UPDATED]

Double PS

Jay gets it. Puffy vests and flannel, that’s how you look hot in the fall.