Especially concerned about those Japanese girls in pic 3. Get your filthy Asian paws off our President’s dick you whores!

Honestly don’t get all the hoopla in other countries surrounding our election. Dressing up in our gear and shit acting like they won something. Hey back off posers. Is Obama getting re-elected really going to change the fact that you live in a little fishing village in Thailand eating rice and blankets drinking Malaria Kool-Aid? Don’t think so. I mean maybe it will, I’m not up to date on the POTUS’s plan out there. Just kinda weird that you hooligans are partying your tits off and outside of the people shaking their asses all over Obama headquarters last night I’m pretty sure most people here didn’t really give a shit once it was finally over.

PS – I am psyched for this guy though. Liquor and cocaine parties with Japanese high school kids all night long baby. Get it.