In one corner, we have our resident favorite midget (in the closet on his dwarfism), dropping HEAT

schefty schefty2


So many roster moves, so much happening, so many jokes. Tour de force by the little man.


Sidenote – I don’t think I’ve ever given Schefter credit for having the most obnoxious Twitter Avatar of all time. Photoshopped face on a video game cover with TWO phones. Killer.



And in the other corner, we have our favorite Biz reporter (that’s what people in the biz call the biz, fyi) just owning the squid life.



God damnit I don’t know what it is about your face Darren, but I want to deliver one of these right in your suckhole.


Time for a vote. 1 for all 5’4” of Schefty, 10 for that gigantic suckhole on Rovell.


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