WGN - A west suburban high school accepted four students from war-torn Sudan about one year ago. They went on to become star athletes on the school’s basketball and cross country teams. Now state high school officials say, those students are not eligible to compete because the school chose to accept them based on their athletic ability. ”Mooseheart Child City and Schools” — located in an unincorporated area of Kane County — has taken children out of dangerous environments for 99 years. It provides them with housing and education, from infancy through high school. Three of the Sudanese students are very strong players on Mooseheart’s basketball team — the fourth won honors for cross country. The Illinois High School Association declared Thursday that Mooseheart improperly chose those students. The association ruled that recruiting athletes internationally gives Mooseheart an unfair advantage over other schools. Mooseheart claims it did not choose the students for athletic reasons, but based their decision on the children’s needs.

Not really sure why the other schools are complaining about this? Mooseheart couldn’t be more clear what their aim as a school is. They try to take in troubled youth and provide them with housing and education. By all accounts it seems they did that. It also just so happens that their front court depth was a little weak so instead of going the normal route and enrolling some brat from the middle of nowhere they scooped up a few 6’8″ monsters from war-torn Sudan to fucking obliterate everyone. Big whoop. Nothing they did was against the rules. Win-win for everyone. Well everyone except the kids who have to play Mooseheart and get Sudanese nut sack tomahawked in their face every game. I’m guessing those kids are marking this up as a “loss”. Either way you can’t blame the school. If you don’t like it, hit up one of those African orphan hotlines and have em ship out some reinforcements. 99 cents a day is a small price to pay for respect on the hardwood.