I seriously don’t even know what to say to this. Like what’s more unbelievable, the fact that Wade Phillips is alive, the fact that Wade Phillips owns and operates a computer or the fact that Wade Phillips not only knows what Twitter is but is actually using it?

And you know what, I’m not even mad at Wade. Honestly. This is like when your mom sends you the “David at the Dentist” or “Charlie Bit me” video. You don’t tell your mom she’s a loser for being 5 years behind the times. You write back LOL and make her feel good about herself for successfully using a computer. So good job Wade. Nice burn. You did it Bro! You tweeted out a killer diss that sort of hurt my feelings. Way to go!


Following no one on twitter is Tim “tit for hands” Kurkjian move,  hardo central.

Double PS

Espn had this article this morning about the 85 D and this year’s D. I’m not there yet but it was closer than you think through 8 games. And save the, “they haven’t played anyone” bullshit because with today’s rules protecting receivers and qb’s its almost impossible to play dominating defense.