Russia -  Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted that some of his most famous media adventures with wildlife have been carefully staged but has said they were worthwhile because they drew the public’s attention to important conservation projects. His macho appearances with everything from tigers to whales have been a staple of Russian state TV for years, cementing his image as a man of action but drawing mockery from critics who have likened them to Soviet-style propaganda.

So people are trying to knock on Putin today because he admitted that most of his ridiculously awesome stunts where he flies over the country side or fucks with lions are usually staged. First off, people are actually surprised by this? That a president and one of the most powerful men in the world plans shit out ahead of time? No fucking way! And second, you know what else is staged? Literally every cool thing on the planet besides sports (most sports). Wrestling? Staged (Besides the King’s heart attack. That definitely did not look planned). Will Ferrell shenanigans? Staged. Those Net video girl videos where that super creepy guy video tapes girls and convinces them they’re going to be on a calender then bangs them into oblivion?

Well I don’t know if those are actually staged. If they aren’t those girls are stupid as fuck. But I think those are too. Either way, like I said, everything good needs a little planning ahead.

And now I’m going to go masturbate to that chick Jesse in the picture above.