Source - Trestman was part of the phalanx of tutors who worked with Tebow in advance of the 2010 NFL draft, notable for Tebow’s elevation from a third-round pick in the estimation of draftniks like ESPN’s Todd McShay to a first-round pick by the Denver Broncos. Go back to May 2010, a month after Tebow was drafted. In Canada’s National Post, Trestman compared Tebow to Trestman’s staggeringly effective QB for the Montreal Alouettes, Anthony Calvillo: “We have a quarterback who has a long delivery and he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks and will finish as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time north or south of the border so he does it with a motion very similar to what Tim Tebow used in college.

“When you’re an accurate passer and you have the intangibles that go along with that you can figure it out and make it work and whether Tim changed his motion or not I believed he would figure it out and I don’t have any doubt that he’ll be very, very successful.”


Forget fixing the tight end position. Nevermind shoring up the offensive line. Marc Trestman’s first duty as head coach is to walk up to the podium during his intro press conference and say “Hi my name is Marc Trestman, the new coach of the Chicago Bears, and I just want to re-assure everyone out there that there’s no fucking way this team will be acquiring Tim Tebow”. Boom automatic approval ratings spike. Because any franchise that isn’t near rock bottom like Jacksonville or Arizona that has a legitimate quarterback like Jay Cutler should be burnt to the ground for even considering Tebow. Dude is a disease and a product of the media hype machine and guys like Skip Bayless wearing #FREETEBOW shirts everywhere they go. I mean by all means he seems like a great kid and someone I absolutely would take a flyer on if I had a terrible team, but there is no way the circus surrounding him belongs in Chicago where the Bears are literally a few improvements away from competing for a title. KFC almost killed himself like 10 times this season trying to comprehend all the fucking media coverage the guy gets for chirst sakes. He’s a distraction, plain and simple. And unless you’ve got nothing left to lose, any positives Tebow can bring your club (which at this point is running into a pile 4 yards past the line of scrimmage) is negated by the hoards of ESPN crews which will follow his every move.

PS – “In Canada’s National Post Trestman compared Tebow to Trestman’s staggeringly effective QB for the Montreal Alouettes, Anthony Calvillo” Oh shit! Anthony Calvillo! Well nevermind then! Who needs Cutler when the heir apparent to Anthony Calvillo is on the block!