Source - Knight had shut down her operation and hadn’t been seen or heard from in months. But on Wednesday, in what could be billed as her comeback show (no pun intended), Knight mysteriously reappeared without warning on the popular cam site under the handle TeamCK. She made hundreds of dollars, if not more, through a token-and-tipping system that is incentivized by sexual acts when certain goals are met. When asked in Wednesday’s chat about the incident in the Cornell Library, she refused to address the incident, only stating that “it would never happen again.”


So this was one of those Halley’s Comet situations on the Internet that happened today. Cornell Cam Girl jumped in on, finger banged herself for like 5 minutes and made hundreds of dollars off people masturbating to her masturbating and poof, just disappeared. So far there’s no video of it. Just screen shots. It’s like a porn hit-and-run. Cornell Cam Girl was running low on dough so she blasted herself for a hot minute and boom she’s rolling in stacks all over again. Unbelievable. Like a thief in the night she straight up disappeared with a bunch of other people’s money.

PS – If anyone’s interested she uses the handle TeamCK on the site. I popped into her profile and there’s like 100 dudes sitting in her chatroom just waiting for her to pop up again. Kinda like all those goofy Catholics that waited around for some idiot to get crowned Pope at the Vatican today.