(CBS) Blackhawks and Bulls fans looking for the “Madhouse On Madison” sign inside the United Center seating bowl won’t find the iconic image anymore.

According to Bulls vice president of branding and communications Susan Goodenow, the sign was taken down after the Bulls and Blackhawks seasons ended.

The move was made as part of a larger initiative to improve fan experience at the United Center, the Tribune reports. The signage, however, was kept in tact so it can be used for future projects.

Replacing the Madhouse sign will be a new LED signage system aimed to enhance the in-arena entertainment and messaging, which both teams will use during games.

madhouse sign 1


madhouse sign 4


madhouse sign 5


madhouse sign 3


madhouse sign 6

This is the story people(chicks) are faking outrage about today.  The Blackhawks and Bulls have decided to take down the “Madhouse on Madison” signs that sit just above of the 300 level and have been a part of the United Center for like I don’t know…3 or 4 years?  I remember walking into the UC and seeing the signs for the first time and thinking “Huh? Are we calling the UC the “Madhouse” now? Like starting now? 18 or so years after the real Madhouse closed? Well ok, I guess that’s cool“.  Just a typical John McDonaugh move.  I didn’t think anyone actually cared about the signs or ever referred to the United Center as the Madhouse, but to each their own I guess.  At the end of the day this is a good thing.  The teams have said they are putting up LED lights to “enhance the fan experience” which probably means they realized they had about two-hundred feet of space they weren’t using for ad revenue.  More sponsors, more dollars.  Maybe ticket prices are held down by the extra revenue. Or maybe they have some kind of new Dunkin Donuts/Lemon Head race thing to gamble on with your buddies during TV timeouts. I don’t know.  Basically what I am trying to say is…who cares? It’s a sign.  The Hawks will still lead the league in attendance, it will still be loud, the building will rumble during the anthem, and I sure whatever happens at basketball games will still happen too.


PS: I assume everyone gambles on the digital race things at the UC.  Kaner Coffee and the Original Lemon Head win about 98% of the time. That’s a pro tip for you.


Big Cat’s Note – Chief not mentioning Biggie Bagel’s thousand race winning streak during Bulls games has me questioning a lot of things.


Just look at him, such a hoss