SourceA judge has awarded two women who were mistakenly poisoned at an Auckland RSA $1800 reparation each, after it was revealed the defendants were broke and couldn’t pay more. Nola Murphy ordered a Sprite Zero at the Avondale RSA on February 23 last year but was accidentally given the lethal chemical benzalkonium chloride – a mould remover – instead. The poison had been put in the bottle by a cleaner, then placed on the bar and later mistakenly put into the drinks fridge. After it was served to Murphy, she was taken to hospital along with her friend Heatha Anderson who sipped from the bottle after Murphy reacted badly. Both women suffered throat and stomach burns, vomiting and had difficulty breathing and speaking. Murphy spent a significant period in hospital and continues to suffer some health problems.


I absolutely hate when that happens. You sit down at a restaurant, you think about what you want, you’re mentally prepared to stuff your fucking face with 3 pounds of food and what happens? The waitress is in a rush, she mixes up your drink order and instead of Sprite Zero you get a lethal dose of Benzalkonium Chloride mold remover. Now all your food’s gonna get cold and soggy because you have to take it in a to-go container before your stomach and throat stop working and you die. Just fucking awful.

PS – Some brass tits on the second chick who tried the drink after her friend started reacting like she had to go to the hospital. Zero percent chance I’d do that for a friend. If a Sprite doesn’t taste like Sprite you got poisoned bro, bottom line. I’ll drive you to the hospital but there’s no fucking way I’m going down with you.