That’s about as dominant of a playoff of performance as you will ever see.  Minnesota is a nice team. They have some real elite players, but these first two games perfectly encapsulate why the Blackhawks are the favorites to win the Western Conference.  Minnesota needed to have Ryan Suter play 40 minutes in game 1 to keep it close, the Hawks ice-time leaders were Rozsival and Oduya….their third D pairing.  So the Wild play hard and try their best, but when they realize they are getting dominated by Frolik, Rozsival, and Oduya even they have to know that they are completely fucked.

Crawford was great, Kane did things only he can do, everyone was great.  Total team effort.  The only negative on the night was Comcast replacing Susannah Collins with some dad.


That and Big Cat tweeting out my phone number to thousands of degenerate stoolies.  Those were literally the only negatives.  Game 3 Sunday in Minnesota.  Have a good weekend.