(Source) The Chicago Bears’ loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday was not a game most Bears fans want to remember. Jay Cutlerand Shea McClellin left with concussions. The team turned the ball over four times in the first half. It was cold, rainy, and it halted the Bears’ winning streak. However, two Bears fans will never forget the date. NBC Chicago reports Jay Gottred and Kalli Jacobson used their pre-game tailgate as the spot for their wedding. Standing underneath a navy and orange arch, they both wore Bears jerseys. Jacobson wore the traditional veil as they exchanged vows before nearly 100 people.

The couple’s first date was at a Bears game, so they couldn’t think of a more romantic spot than on a pickup truck in a parking lot outside Soldier Field. The location was her idea. Considering weddings in Cook County average $26,000, a tailgate wedding wasn’t the worst idea. Not only did they save some cash, but they got to wear more comfortable clothing than a wedding dress and tuxedo. Though the game ended badly, the two can now remember the date as something more than a really, really bad game for the Bears. Here’s hoping they can make it work better than the Bears’ offense.

Ordinarily I would say having a wedding in the back of a truck outside of a football game is tacky and low rent. Like if this were in Green Bay or Kansas City it would probably be totally gross. But if I’m being completely unbiased for a second, I think this is actually nice. If you’re going to do a pickup truck wedding you have to do it well and that’s exactly what these people did. Flower Altar. Bears Jerseys. Nice big pickup. Looks like it may even be a V8. Maybe a Toyota Tundra or something of a similar ilk. Class, elegance, and style. This wedding has all three.

How about the guy who wrote this article? What a doozy of a first paragraph. Everything sucked. The world is terrible. The Bears are awful. The weather was miserable.  Half the team got concussed but HEY, Jay and Kalli got married. Best Day of their life!