Source - The Bears have a new coaching staff and several new players. But that’s not the only reason that introductions will be necessary this week when the team begins its voluntary offseason program. In an effort directed by first-year head coach Marc Trestman to build team unity, players’ lockers have been randomly moved around, mixing members of the offense with their counterparts on defense. Previously, lockers were arranged by position group.

“The locker room was set up in a way that segments were together,” Trestman said. “We’ve all been in places like that. I just see our segments being together in meetings all the time and I want the guys to have an opportunity to get to know their teammates a little bit better. So it was basically just throw them all in a hat and pull them out and see what showed up.”


Look Marc Trestman looks like a great coach. Definitely the right guy to bring in and innovate and revitalize the offensive side of the ball. And I don’t know anyone who is against creating more team chemistry wherever possible. But this shit feels like Summer Camp. Jay have you met James Anderson yet? No? Well that’s no problem, you guys are locker buddies now. Martellus have you met Lance Briggs? No worries now he’s your best friend and you’ll be bunking together. The whole thing seems too forced. The guys that make up an NFL locker room are grown men. If they get along, which most of them will no account of being a team, great. If some don’t, oh well. You don’t need to hold Ice Breakers like it’s the first day of school. Not to mention the old way of grouping players by position makes sense. Those are your most direct professional colleagues. Cutler and Josh McCown should be sitting next to or near each other. They share the same craft. Just like James Anderson and Briggs should sit near each other so they can have easy access to one another. There’s just no need to go out of your way and force relationships that wouldn’t spring up organically.

Of course this is probably just an over-reaction and means nothing but if they start busting out name tags and singing Kumbaya and shit it might be time to worry.