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The end is near. Just two weeks left in the football season means just two more chances to try and win huge amounts of cash during Fanduel’s weekly Barstool challenge. Personally I’m going to be absolutely┬ádevastated when this season’s over. Literally the #1 thing I look forward to in my entire life is setting up a Fanduel team. It’s like Frank the Tank and booze. Once it hits your lips it’s so much fun it’s impossible to stop.

This week’s league is the same as we’ve done the past few weeks with one notable exception. There’s no Thursday games anymore so we’re including every single game for the first time all year which means we’re kicking off with the Saturday games instead of the usual Sunday. Click the link at the top or bottom to sign up and, as always, this will fill up so do it ASAP.

- $25,000 in total cash; $5,000 to the winner

- $50 entry fee

- 555 entries; Up to 4 entries per person

- Kickoff is Saturday

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