[Source] - Tim Tebow is America’s most popular Thanksgiving dinner guest, a new survery shows. According to the survey, conducted by Nielsen, when asked who they would like to have as a Thanksgiving dinner guest, more Americans preferred Tim Tebow to President Obama. The survey, released today by Destination America, shows that 23 percent of people in the United States said they would prefer the Jets backup to the Commander in Chief, who only garnered five percent of the vote. Obama was also edged out by Big Bird and Lady Gaga.

I don’t care how many times you get elected President, it would suck beyond belief to see your name on this poll behind Tim Tebow, Lady Gaga and Big Bird. Big Bird’s not even a real fucking person. It’s just some creepy dude who works part-time scanning tangerines at a local grocery store dressed up in a 7 foot bird costume. He’s the guy people hire when they need to distract twenty 6 year olds at a kid’s birthday party. And Lady GaGa? Oh you mean that bitch who dresses like a whore, has zero table manners and rolls around in food all day? Yeah she’d be a great guest. “Hey Dad can you pass me some sides?” “Uh not right now son, Lady GaGa is fisting herself with the mashed potatoes rubbing gravy on her tits”. Yeah she’d be way better than the most powerful man in the world.

Tebow I get though. Dude’s a nice, polite kid who probably has some great stories and is enjoyable to talk to. Probably listens to you and shit instead of dominating the conversation. Swear to god if he starts praying though I’m jamming a turkey leg in his ear drum.