[Source] - This is a coyote “patrolling” State Street. It’s supposed to be there, say the police. And it’s not alone. Chicago’s Cook County now has over 60 coyotes fitted with radio collars (plus a good many uncollared ones) roaming parks, alleys, yards and thoroughfares in one of the biggest cities in America. The animals earn their keep eating small rodents, especially rats and voles. The Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project calls itself “the largest urban study of coyotes in the world.”

We have tracked the coyotes day and night and located the collared coyotes more than 40,000 times. This allows us to peek into the hidden lives of urban coyotes. We use results from this unique project to answer common questions regarding coyotes in urban areas.

Their first animal, called “Big Mama” was caught in 2000. “She was a young, transient coyote that was not a member of a group,” says Dr. Stan Gehrt of Ohio State who directs the project. By 2002, she had settled down with an uncollared male friend (called, less warmly, “Number 115″), in a heavily-developed area a few miles from O’Hare International Airport. Together Mama and 115 have had at least six litters, producing 45 babies, and those babies now have babies. Big Mama’s large family seems to live very discreetly in Chicago. People hardly ever see them.

Had to get this story out tonight. Sorta my duty to the Stoolies to let you know that if you plan on going outside tonight or tomorrow or next week or ever again in your entire life you’re gonna get eaten by coyotes plain and simple. Sucks to say but the proof is in the pudding. They’re already running around State St and banging like a bunch of horny Catholics reproducing like crazy. Big Mama and Number 115 popping out 45 babies by themselves in just a few years. Scary shit. Downtown Chicago’s gonna look like Jumanji before we know it just instead of monkeys running around it’ll be coyotes murdering people and dragging their corpses through the streets. Don’t let it be you guys.

PS – Seriously what the fuck is this all about. How could this be okay with authorities? It’s motherfucking coyotes! They’re killers goddammit!