I’ve mentioned this before but I’m as anti-gamer as anyone can be. Nothing against video games or people who play them and shit but I’m flat out terrible playing anything that came out after N64. As far as I can remember I’ve only played only one video game since I was in college and my roommates had an X-Box. Know what game that is? Motherfuckin’ Pacman. I play it all the time. Played like 5 or 6 games earlier today actually. Literally fire up at least a few rounds every day. That’s about all the technology I can handle.

But that being said this game looks fucking sick. The setting in Chicago looks amazing. Extremely detailed, all futuristic. I think I came my pants two or three times during that opening sequence. But the idea behind it is even cooler. You get to walk around the city with access to pretty much unlimited information about everyone and you can use that to be as good or as bad a person as you want. Obviously you gotta be a degenerate asshole and steal people’s money and try to get cops to chase you so you can blow them up with rocket launchers like in GTA but it’s nice that the option’s there. If you wanna go up to the Signature Room and throw someone out the window 95 floors to the pavement you can do it. You wanna ride around on the subway all day worried about your iPhone getting stolen and homeless people peeing on you, you can do that too. Just a never-ending story line that you make up as you go along. Like I said gaming technology isn’t my thing so y guy would probably end up riding the subway to my apartment and blogging and playing Pacman all day but for people who know how to play this is going to be a fucking blast.