I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people drop bombs in the studio quite like Lee Crooks and sound engineer Milt Smith. Just slaving away like Dr. Dre in the lab like they’re producing beats for Detox or some shit. But instead of making gangster rap songs about smoking weed and murdering people they’re figuring out if you pronounce the word Exit as “Egg-zit” or “X-it” and re-recording the word “transfer” like 100 times to get the emphasis right. Just masters at work plain and simple.

Kinda surprised Lee Crooks kept his voice so low when he was on the train so nobody could hear him though. Dollars to donuts says whenever he drops that tone bitches have to fight each other trying to rape him. You’ve got a gift bro, don’t be afraid to use it.

PS – The look of disappointment on Crooks face the first time he says “Roosevelt Road” at 0:13 is the stuff of legends. Just so mad at himself.