Props to whoever edited this for removing any trace of the freestyle battle. I don’t care what that one dude said about that other dude’s Mom or whatever the fuck. Just show me black people reacting to shit and I’m good to go.

Matter of fact this is what the NBA should do to re-energize all-star weekend which everyone’s always complaining about. Have the dunk contest but only broadcast black people’s reactions. Seriously nothing in the dunk contest is exciting. Oh 5 foot Nate Robinson jumped over and 8 foot tall person again? Blake Griffin jumped over the front bumper of another Kia? Dwight Howard jumped from the free throw line and came up way short and just threw the ball the final 6 feet? Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. Just plant a camera on Chris Tucker or Puff Daddy high-stepping the length of the court or doing that move where they bite their entire fist in excitement and ratings will soar through the roof.

And if all that fails just invite the Birdman back: