Source - Thanks to his rooster sauce-loving customers, the owner of a Hawaiian Lincoln Park restaurant says he could be in consideration for the title. As the eighth anniversary of Aloha Eats, 2534 N. Clark St., approached late last year, Ivan Lee wanted to treat his customers with a special item menu based on their favorite sauce and ended up selling 300 Sriracha lollipops at $3 a pop. 

The Sriracha hot sauce, a paste of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, has an almost cultlike following, and goes well with the Hawaiian plates Lee and his family have been serving up. While he struggles to get more lollipops on the shelf at his restaurant, Lee, 36, has been gifting some customers with a lip balm version of the sauce, which he admits he hasn’t dared get near his mouth.


Lollipops and lip balm made out of hot sauce? Genius!

Seriously bro what the fuck is wrong with you. Nothing like trying to hook up with a chick or make a good impression on someone with your shit smelling like chili peppers, vinegar and garlic. Maybe for your next concoction you can create an Icy/Hot popsicle or a habanero ball cream you sick bastard.

This does raise a larger point though. Namely, Sriracha being the most overrated product that’s ever been invented. You ever meet someone that swears by Sriracha and puts it on everything they eat? The person that puts it on their chicken, their grilled cheese, their morning bowl of fucking fruit loops? Hit the person over the head with a shovel next time you see them because they’re just an asshole that latches on to trends and can’t think for themselves. They probably also spread Nutella on their toast for breakfast and try to tell you it’s healthy because there’s hazelnuts in it or some bullshit. Spreading chocolate on a piece of bread isn’t healthy you dickhead, you’re just an idiot.

PS – Hey speaking of lip balm, is it gay to use Burt’s Bees? I’ve gone back and forth with people on this for ages. It definitely isn’t right? Shit’s so smooth and effective. I refuse to believe you’re gay if you use it.