SourceThis is Wang Xianxiang, he’s a 42-year-old fireworks maker from the Hunan province of China. He also happens to be able to lift buckets of water that weigh about 5 pounds with each of his eyelids and keep them lifted for about a minute. On Saturday he performed at a festival near his hometown. He practices about 30 minutes each morning, then another two hours at night. He told NBC News, “I can currently hold 4.5 pounds on each eyelid, I’d like to push that to 11 pounds per eyelid.”

Hey bud it’s Tuesday afternoon. Right in the middle of the week long dick suck we call work here in America and you wind up and throw this at me. 9 pounds of water buckets hanging from your eyelids. You look like a fucking Asian version of Droopy Dog. Just sadness and depression etched all over your entire face. And not like I could do any better but 4.5 pounds isn’t that impressive when the goal is 11. Just saying maybe take up a hobby where you don’t have to rip skin from your face or something. Like basketball or building rock formations. I don’t know, it’s up to you. Just trying to throw some ideas at you.