[Source] - A woman sentenced to stand at the curb with an embarrassing sign for driving on the sidewalk past a stopped school bus has served out the second half of her two-hour punishment.The sentencing judge, unhappy that Shena Hardin was smoking and texting during Tuesday’s hour, had planned to personally supervise the defendant Wednesday. The judge had ordered Hardin to stand with a sign reading, “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Hardin wore headphones and ignored passers-by Tuesday. The judge told WKYC-TV she felt Hardin wasn’t sufficiently holding up the sign and was “missing the point.”

People hurled comments at the 32-year-old Hardin of Cleveland Tuesday morning including, “Why do you hate children?” The bus driver caught the act on her cell phone. Cleveland Municipal Judge Pinkey Carr imposed the unique sentence on Hardin. Hardin apparently drove around the bus for about a week before she was recorded. Hardin will hold the sign again Wednesday morning from 7:45 to 8:45.

Keep feel like I’m missing something with this case. Like as far as I can tell this woman hated being held up by this school bus everyday, so she did the only efficient thing and drove around it via the sidewalk and went along her merry way. Is that right? Because by the way people are reacting to this broad I could’ve sworn I missed the part in the video where she murdered two kids, threw them in the back of her Jeep and dissolved the bodies in hydrofluoric acid like she was fucking Heisenberg.

Like why is the judge mad at her for texting and smoking while she holds the sign? Why are people publicly shaming her and berating her for hating children? If she hated kids she would’ve barreled right into them like bowling pins. Bitch went out of her way to not run over anyone. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal really. Oooo wow she broke a law. Who gives a shit? I jaywalked yesterday, big whoop. Probably gonna masturbate on an airplane next time I fly, who cares. Just tell those kids to keep their heads on a swivel and none of this would’ve mattered in the first place.