ESPN ChicagoChicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol said Monday that he is angered by accusations of domestic abuse by a woman in the Dominican Republic, and he professed his innocence at the Cubs’ training camp facility. ”I gave a ride to this girl that I know, and she said I tried to have sex with her,” Marmol said. “I never did that.” ”I am frustrated a lot,” Marmol said. “I didn’t do anything. This is very frustrating. I gave her a ride to a party that is close to my house, and that was all. I am very [ticked] off. My lawyers and I went to the police, and we are trying to get her to go to jail.”


If I was a baseball player from some poor country I think I’d return home in the off-season about never times. Just send some Christmas cards to people and give some loot to my poor friends to build a dirty baseball field in some parking lot and slap my name on it. Donate a few empty milk jugs for baseball gloves, some wiffle ball bats and a few dozen tennis balls then wipe my hands clean and never come back. Because when you go home this is the type of shit that is going to happen literally every single time. You give a girl a ride home from a party thinking you’re being a nice guy and she’s 100% thinking how to extort you and get her slutty hands on your money. And I bet it wasn’t for that much either. Like $3k or something which is basically infinity dollars in the Dominican. And you have to pay it or go through the bullshit of defending yourself like Marmol’s doing now. Yeah fuck that. I’ll stick to living in America thanks very much.

PS – I guess the bright side of this is compared to Ugi Urbina watching his Mother get kidnapped then going to jail for attempted murder by machete a simple extortion case is a walk in the park.