Source - Charlie Parker is only 3, but already he’s drawing comparisons to Crocodile Dundee because of his fondness for large reptiles. His family refers to the brave kid as Australia’s youngest wildlife ranger. It shows Charlie in super-close company with an American alligator that looks every bit the wild animal and is nearly his size. But Charlie isn’t just some kid off the street. He’s the son of Greg Parker, who owns Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia. The facility, essentially, is Charlie’s backyard playground.

And while the alligator is somewhat of a pet, nicknamed Gump, it’s still a wild animal that may someday attain a length of 13 feet or more. Hopefully by then Charlie will have outgrown his desire to hold and wrestle large toothy critters, but that seems unlikely since his fondness for wild critters is in his genes. Greg Parker, a second-generation animal care expert, stated on the YouTube video description: “We didn’t go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles. Like everybody he’s frightened of some things… others not so much.” Ballarat Wildlife Park include large boa constrictors (which he also likes to hold) and cobras, along with kangaroos, koalas and wombats.

First of all this kid may be 3 but he doesn’t look a day under 5. His head’s the size of a fucking mini refrigerator for crying out loud. So I think it’s a little unfair to go crowning him just because he’s basically a fat kid. Anybody can play around with baby alligators when they’re 3 times the size of them. Doesn’t mean that you’re automatically some wildlife expert.

And second, this kid spends all his time in this wildlife park because his Dad owns it. He’s not a wildlife ranger he’s a kid playing in his backyard. When I played hide and seek as a kid it didn’t make me the world’s youngest detective. I was just a kid playing around. Go canoeing solo up through the Amazon rain forest slaughtering wild boars and 30 foot crocodiles if you want me to respect your wildlife game bro. Pull some Bear Grylls shit and catch a snake, chop its head off and eat the insides all within 10 seconds and maybe I’ll pay you some attention. Until then you’re just doing what me and millions of other kids did and playing outside.