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So last week’s Fan Duel tourney filled up in like 4 seconds. And in the least surprising news ever myself and all the other Barstool writers got absolutely curb stomped. That’s my team up there. 7.6 fucking points spread out over 9 people. Came in 83rd out of 89 spots. Started Corey Crawford and didn’t check to see if Ray Emery was in net who would have like quadrupled my score. A guy whose last name is a synonym for “Cum” scored half my goddamn points.

Anyway the point is that if you’ve ever wanted to capitalize on a quick gambling score this is probably your best bet. Throw down $25 bucks and a good portion of the competition is going to throw out absolute horse shit. We’re upping the ante this week and doubling everything across the board, except the entry price:

- 178 entries, prizes to 17th place

- $4,000 in winnings, $800 to the winner

- $25 entry, up to 5 entries allowed

- This is for SATURDAY. Games are starting at 1 EST this week

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