Source - Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein received a troubling call on Jan. 10 when Cook County officials rang to tell him the woman accused of stalking him last year had gone MIA. Despite her court order to wear a GPS ankle monitor, Kathleen Kearney was able to slip free from her family’s home in the Boston area earlier in January. Officials received an alert shortly after 5 a.m. that the 45-year-old accused stalker’s monitoring device hadn’t been charged and was no longer emitting a signal. Last officials knew: she was on a northbound train in Boston.

Sun TimesBoston authorities will be holding off on executing an arrest warrant and extraditing Theo Epstein’s alleged stalker to Chicago until her mental health improves, attorneys said in court Tuesday. Cook County prosecutors issued the warrant earlier this month when they learned Kathleen Kearney had stopped charging her court ordered GPS device and was found acting erratically outside a church and school parking lot on the East Coast.


This is a weird question but Theo had to be a little disappointed when this crazy bitch didn’t come back to see him after freeing herself right? I mean if that was me and I got the phone call that my stalker was missing and on the run I’d be fucking psyched. Definitely walk around with a little pep in my step. Just such an ego boost to have somebody obsess over you like that. Like yeah you pretend to be freaked out for your family and play the part of caring father and husband and all that but in reality you’re smirking and patting yourself on the back that some chick who doesn’t even know you wants your sauce that bad. Especially a wily little slut like Kathleen Kearney. Then boom the hammer drops and she’s ranting and raving like a lunatic in some Church parking lot in Boston? Uh, okay? Was the President of baseball operations for the Cubs not good enough for you bitch? You liking house arrest on the East Coast that bad? It’s like Theo just went through a public divorce and got one-upped by a 50 year old woman with frizzy, fungus hair and a dead left eye. Kind’ve embarrassing really.