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Legit almost took down the Fan Duel challenge last week. For about a half hour Sunday I was alone atop 200+ Stoolies just doing work with my team before I plummeted out of the money. From the highest of highs to utter disappointment. So brutal. Luckily for me and all of you Fan Duel just raised the bar to extraordinary heights for this week’s challenge. Crazy money out there ready to be claimed. Like if I find myself in first at any point this weekend I’m literally gonna cum my pants.

$15,000 in prize money this week. Whoever wins is taking away $3,300. Fucking read that again. That is insane money. And not only does 1st place get $3,300, but everyone in the top 4 wins at least $1,000, and the top 32 finishers are all walking away in the black. You’d be crazy not to have signed up and played with us already and an absolute fucking idiot not to hop aboard and sign up this week.

- There’s gonna be 332 seats at the table which is far and away the biggest tournament this year. You can enter up to 3 teams

- $50 entry fee

- Sunday / Monday games only

We’re gonna fill this up as always so make sure you sign up. Click the links at the top and bottom to sign up and do it quick.

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