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First of all, if you’re coming here to hear that the sky is falling and everything has gone to shit you’ve come to the wrong place. The Bears sucked last night. No one will deny that. But they’re still 7-2, in first place, and have the best defense in the NFL.
Now with that said, if last night’s game was a “measuring stick” I’m fairly confident we learned nothing new about this team. Their Defense is out of this world good. Besides one drive where Arian Foster ran wild the Defense dominated a team that had the league’s second highest ppg coming into last night. So we know that. And the other thing we know/learned last night is that ultimately the Offense will have to do their part if this team wants to compete in January. Plain and Simple.
6 points in a game is a joke. Especially when you have Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte. You can’t even blame the offensive line last night. They didn’t give up a sack and for the most part blocked a really good defensive line all night. Yeah Cutler didn’t play the second half but the first half was about as ugly as it gets. And I know a lot of the blame is going to go on Mike Tice today but I think it is all deserved and then some. I can only imagine calling plays in the NFL is a very very difficult job. And at this point in the season I think its becoming abundantly clear that Tice is in way over his head.
There is no imagination. There is no consistency. All week long he talks about involving Forte and every week we come out and try to go deep on the first play of the game. Last night should’ve been the PERFECT night to run the ball 30-35 times. It was raining, windy, the field was an absolute shithole. And what happens in the first half? 6 runs for Forte. SIX. Its like Tice forgets every single game that he has a top 5 running back and establishing the run early should be a priority. How does that keep happening? And yeah the turnovers were absolute killers, especially when the Defense gave us short fields, but I just can’t believe an offense with 3 top flights players can’t produce more. It shouldn’t be like that. There’s still time to fix these problems but what I watched last night was a joke. And like we’ve been saying all year long, this Defense will keep them in every single game, its just that the Offense needs to figure out a way to somehow chip in when playing a good defense.
Kellen Davis playing the worst game a Tight End could possibly play on the same day Greg Olsen went 9 catches, 102 yards, and 2 td’s is a nice swift kick in the dick.
Double PS
Thanks to everyone who came out to Bull and Bear last night. Another good showing by the Stoolies.  I think we’re suspending Bears game/Barstool parties for the time being though. That game was week 2 Deja Vu right down to the Marshall drop in the end zone and Tice making ZERO adjustments throughout the game.