ESPNThe NBA upgraded one of Taj Gibson‘s fouls on LeBron James to a flagrant, but it wasn’t one of the two fouls James complained about after the Chicago Bulls snapped the Miami Heat‘s win streak March 27 at the United Center. Gibson caught James across the neck and shoulder on a play in the fourth quarter, and James said after the game that he didn’t consider Gibson’s foul to be a basketball play. He also complained about Kirk Hinrich taking him to the ground in the first quarter. Neither of those plays was called a flagrant, although Gibson’s was reviewed. It was a Gibson foul with 2:37 left in the first quarter that was upgraded, and the upgrade was met with surprise in the Bulls’ locker room Sunday night after their win over the Detroit Pistons. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported the upgrade Saturday.


Unbelievable. Just a total give-in move by the league to appease it’s superstar because he whined and complained on his way out of the UC last week after he lost a tough game and got his streak snapped. And what’s really nuts is it wasn’t even the exact foul LeBron was talking about, the “non-basketball play” in the 4th quarter. It was a hard foul in mid-air in the first quarter on a drive to the lane. A play that is not a flagrant foul by whichever definition you use to determine flagrants. A play that happens to LeBron and any other attacking player at least once a night. It’s almost like a little kid pestering his parents for ice cream all day long while the parents are running errands and the parents eventually just give in and buy him a cookie. No it’s not ice cream but here’s a little something so you’ll shut the fuck up.

I enjoy watching LeBron play as much as anybody else in the league. Even more than D-Rose. He is a once in a lifetime talent and a champion. But he acts like neither.