Get some Rusty Jones, get some.

It has to be right? I’ll fully admit that the Bears came out flat yesterday. Monday Night Hangover. Florida heat. 2 away games in a row. Classic shitty effort against a shitty team. But that second half. That was something else. 2 pick 6′s. Offensive drives of 76, 67, 94, and 73. Just an outright manhandling. And I know how bad the Jaguars are but this is what good teams are supposed to do. They’re supposed to break your will and exert their strength when there is such a pronounced mismatch on the field. Good teams have no problem getting up for a big game. For a Monday night in Dallas. Great teams get up week in and week out, for the shit games against inferior opponents on short rest. That’s what the Bears did yesterday.

So now here we are 4-1.  A starting defense that has scored more touchdowns (5) than touchdowns given up (4). An offense, that admittedly has had some growing pains with a new OC and new receivers, but has shown flashes of being a top 5 O in the league. The Packers suck. The Lions suck. And the Vikings are just waiting to be the Vikings again. Basically the best case scenario for the Bears going into the Bye week.

The only two negatives I took away from yesterday were 1. Ashlon Jeffery (As Tony Siragusa called him) may actually be hurt and 2. Gabe Carimi is somehow being outplayed by Jamarcus Webb, which is something I thought would never in a million years happen. But those things are somewhat minor and fixable. Everything else is looking real fucking good for a week off and then a Monday Night game against the Lions at home. Even the national media will have to eat crow and admit that Tice and Cutler no longer want to murder each other or whatever they were saying all last week after a 2 second clip in Dallas.

PS - Thank God Tony Siragusa had a lockdown on those air conditioned seats in Jacksonville because for a second there I thought the Jags were stupid for choosing to wear black uniforms on a 90 degree day. Say what you will about Goose but the guy understands how AC works.