SourceUsually opening day is one of the hottest tickets of the year for Major League Baseball teams. It’s the beginning of a new year and hope springs eternal that your team could win it all this year…unless you’re the Miami Marlins. Things have gotten so bad for the Marlins and their ticket sales; the team is offering a Groupon deal for up to half off opening day tickets. The Marlins are even offering merchandise vouchers and free tickets to another game if fans buy opening day tickets. Yes, that is how far the Marlins have fallen. It should be noted that Groupon and Major League Baseball have a partnership that was struck in November 2012.


I find the whole Marlins thing fascinating and absolutely hilarious. It seems like fake life that this is an actual professional baseball team. Selling tickets to the one supposed guaranteed sell-out day of the year on Groupon right next to wine tasting lessons and power yoga classes. Fucking awesome. Way to go guys! Good job building that super team and being a vital cog to the local economy of Miami! Good thing you built that super huge expensive stadium and then signed a bunch of scrubs off the street after selling off literally every one of your respectable players. Bold strategy Cotton, we’ll see if it pays off for em.

Though it’s still fucked up that Jeffrey Loria is still going to make bank this year and every year because of revenue sharing and TV deals and shit. Dude literally lies, cheats and steals from players and fans and makes tens of millions off it annually. We should all be so lucky.