r/ChiBears - BREAKING: Cleveland Browns cut Kellen Davis, Packers apparently offering up to $10 mil/year to lock him up. Adam Scheffy just tweeted this. Him and Finley will be locked up to 6 year contracts with lots of guarenteed cash, hopefully. This is great, Kellen played great football at Chicago. Incredibly happy with this contract, Go Pack Go!

r/HawksHawks Trade! Just heard fresh off the wire we’re shipping off Toews, Hossa and Crawford for Kesler and Daniel Sedin. Also sending Emery out to Europe and bringing back the Crystal Ball Mr. Huet himself. Can anyone else confirm?!?!


Oh man. Talk about a riot. You guys almost got me. Kellen Davis got released by the Browns and now the Packers are paying him $10 million a year in guaranteed money? HA, What a bunch of idiots! Don’t they know he can’t catch? Oh, and the Blackhawks just traded Toews, Hossa and Crawford for Kesler and Daniel Sedin? AND they sent Emery to Europe for Cristobal Huet? WOAH! Talk about big time news!

Add on top of that everyone on Facebook and every other site on the Internet making their best terrible April Fool’s jokes and I think we should just erase April 1st off the calender forever. Just go from March 31 to April 2 from now on. Because if I read another “Wow it’s 85 degrees outside I’m going to the beach!” status update I’m going to go postal. That isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Nobody actually believes you. An April Fool’s joke is the Left-handed Whopper or those guys who lit tires on fire at the base of a volcano and made everyone living nearby round up their families and evacuate because they thought they were going to die a fiery death in a molten lava flood. That’s how you do April Fool’s. You either trick stupid people or you make everyone think they’re going to die because of a natural disaster. All this other shit is just rookie ball.