Source - A CD of the sounds of silence from inside a village church has sold out after becoming an unlikely hit. The 30-minute recording was originally created to help raise some extra funds for repairs to St Peter’s Church in Seaford, East Sussex. Church members believed the atmosphere in their small 12th century church was so unique that its peacefulness would appeal to a wider audience. So they left some recording equipment on inside the building for half-an-hour. The only sounds that can be heard on the CD are the odd squeaking of the wooden pews, some footsteps and the distant hum of passing traffic.

Roger Bing, 74, from Seaford, the church member who came up with the idea, said: ‘The church was planning an open day and wanted something a little bit different to catch the attention of people who were coming along. ’The church has got quite good recording equipment so we decided to make a CD of 30 minutes of silence. ‘It is pretty much silence throughout with a few background noises. ‘There are a few little noises here and there – I think if it was total silence people might get a bit bored.


How about the dude who came up with this idea blabbering away explaining how the process of recording silence works and the background noises they picked up and blah blah blah. Hey bro nobody cares! Shut up and play the hits for crying out loud. Just stand there and say nothing for 30 minutes and let the fans go home happy. Nobody wants to hear your new shit.

And just to be clear as big of an asshole as you have to be to try and sell a blank CD to people, multiply that times every number in the world and that’s how much of an asshole the people who actually bought this are. Your head would have to be literally and figuratively up your own ass to be cocky enough to buy a CD of silence. Especially if you’re only getting 30 minutes of music. What is this a fucking Ramones record where every song is 2 minutes long? Give me a solid hour full of tracks or I’m downloading this off Pirate Bay and saving my money.

PS – “There are a few little noises here and there – I think it if was total silence people might get a bit bored” Oh fuck you dude.