Source - Police have sealed the borders of a district in India’s Chhattisgarh state as they hunt for armed men who hijacked a train to set free an accomplice. Police were escorting Upendra Singh, who is serving a life term, to jail after a court appearance on Wednesday. About 10 men boarded the train, overpowered the driver and threw chilli powder in the policemen’s eyes to incapacitate them. This is the second time Singh has escaped from custody. The train driver’s assistant and a policeman were injured during the hijacking late on Wednesday evening. Police say they have now sealed the borders of Raipur district. According to the police, the men boarded the passenger train at Bhilai station. Upendra Singh was on that train with three policemen who were escorting him back to Bilaspur Central jail. He is facing charges of kidnapping and robbery. After overpowering the driver and his assistant, the armed men forced the train to stop where they had a van waiting for them.


Holy shit! Train hijackers, escaped convicts, getaway vans, fucking chili powder getting thrown in police officer’s faces. Unbelievable story. This whole thing sounds like that movie SWAT where that guy offers up $100 million dollars to whoever can get him out of jail. Upendra Singh probably went on national TV and said anyone who can get him off that passenger train can have a herd of goats, a couple bootleg DVD’s and wall-to-wall carpeting installed in their family’s mud hut and those 10 Indian hijackers hopped on their camels and high-tailed it to the Bhilai train station in a cocaine heartbeat.

You’d think the cops would have some better resources than that though right? Just hopping aboard a commuter train like it’s no big deal with a convict with a life sentence whose already been busted out of jail once before. Doesn’t seem like the safest bet in the world. Then again they probably don’t have things like “cement” and “roads” where they are so maybe there was no other choice.