Source - “I went ‘Wow!’ ” Guber said of the August 2011 meeting. “It was a very profound change. And I think Adidas presenting it to us and giving us the option to be the first one to do this demonstrates our willingness to be inventive.” On Monday, the Warriors will unveil their yellow, alternate uniforms. They will be the first team in the modern NBA era to play in something other than a tank top. The Warriors will debut the new unis for their Feb. 22 home game against the San Antonio Spurs, which is being aired on ESPN. They will also wear them March 8 vs. Houston and March 15 vs. Chicago. The Warriors unveiled their alternate uniforms Feb. 11. The jersey features sleeves.

“In the early ’90s, I was part of the transition from short shorts to longer shorts,” said Warriors president Rick Welts, who established a reputation as a pioneer in his decades working in the NBA office.


Sweet look guys. Looks like the Bulls are gonna be playing 5 Tour de France champions in a charity basketball game wearing shitty old t-shirts next month. Awesome. Seriously these look like old retro shirts that poor people buy in thrift stores with blood and cum stains on them. They’re absolutely horrid looking. How in the fuck this was approved by anyone is totally beyond me.

And I love the Warriors’ team president saying he was part of the transition from short shorts to long shorts like 2 decades ago as if that gives him some kind of authority on what’s hot in the streets right now when it comes to basketball apparel. I mean the short shorts to long shorts move made total sense. It made movement a little more fluid and comfortable for the players and fans didn’t have to see outlines of John Stockton or Kareem Abdul-Jabaar’s dick every time they played. That was pretty much a win-win for everybody. But the jersey shirt is what we would refer to as a “lose-lose” or “a terrible fucking idea”. Just keep jerseys how they are and stop trying to maximize profits every chance you get you greedy bastards.