2:49 in the 3rd quarter. That’s when I flipped over to Monday Night football. You’d think a 78-51 lead with 15 minutes left in the game would be safe right?

Look, I’m obviously not going to do a recap of every basketball game especially not when Football is still on. No one wants to read that. But when my team blows a 27 point lead and gets outscored 30-12 in the 4th quarter I have to say something. Holy Fuck is that bad. And if you’ve watched even 1 quarter of the Bulls this year you know its not just missing D-Rose. Yeah of course this team is completely different with the best point guard in the league on the court, crazy right? But more than that its our bench. They were outscored 52-10 last night by the Bucks bench. 52 to fucking 10. That’s nuts. The bench used to be our strength and now its completely gone. And you can’t even blame Thibs. Who on the bench right now would you trust? Taj is a given, and then who? Nate Robinson? I trust Nate Robinson for 2 minutes every game, right up until he remembers that he’s Nate Robinson and starts taking every shot he possibly can. The front office is almost lucky D-Rose is out right now because at least they can use his absence as an excuse for shit like this. Anyone with half a brain realizes that this team as a whole, and bench in particular is significantly worse than last year.


At least Jenny was looking good last night, then again sitting next to Jim Belushi makes any chick look about a thousand times sexier.