Source - A history teacher was trying to teach lasso techniques used during cattle drives. He asked for student volunteers, and had them run… then tried to rope them. “[The teacher] was visiting with the students, telling the students about how Cowboys would corral maverick steers back into the herd,” explained Garland Independent School District spokesman Chris Moore. The 13-year-old volunteer ended up with bruises. 

“This is not something that we feel was malicious, it was not intent,” Moore said. “Extremely unfortunate, and extremely poor judgment.” The Garland ISD has launched an investigation and suspended the teacher, they say for precautionary reasons. The Rowlett Police Department is looking at possible criminal charges of injury to a child. The district says the unnamed teacher feels badly and agreed to never use the lasso in class again. The student’s parents tell News 8 the bruises around their son’s neck were worse on Tuesday. They said they can’t believe something like this could happen at school.


How about this little asshole complaining about getting lassoed in class when he straight up volunteered for it? Classic teacher’s pet. Always sucking-up and get brownie points but the second you lasso and severely bruise their neck and treat them like a tied up steer they go crying to Mommy and Daddy. Hey kid, quick word of advice: If you don’t want your history teacher throwing a rope around your head and dragging you around class making a fool of yourself don’t raise your hand like a little suck-up when they ask for someone’s help.

And if we’re being honest I think the parents are even worse in all this. Like how can you possibly blame the teacher and say you can’t believe this could happen in a school. Yeah I can’t believe it happened either because I have a hard time believing a 13 year old could be that stupid. Newsflash guys, your kid’s a fucking idiot. Maybe throw him in a SPED class or something to catch him up to speed on how not to violently hurt his vertebrate from self-induced whiplash or something.