Warrensville - Police say a 16-year-old girl is dead and another 16-year-old girl is in police custody.  Officials say the girls were fighting around 8 p.m. Wednesday at 4769 Walford Road in Warrensville Heights. According to witnesses the victim was teasing the suspect because she passed gas.  One thing led to another and fisticuffs began flying.  Witnesses also tell 19 Action News that several adults stood around and watched the whole thing go down, including the victim’s stepfather.  But by the time he intervened, it was too late. Shaakira Dorsey collapsed once the fight was broken up.  EMS rushed her to the hospital, where she died.  The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet released her cause of death. The teen suspect has been charged with one count of murder.  Her name is not being released.

Pretty tragic story. But all things considered there was pretty much no other option for the girl. If you’re a chick ripping ass on another chick then one of you has to go. It’s like calling for a duel at high noon. Just can’t have that type of behavior in a society. Not in the 21st century. Like the second this girl released it was probably like Russell Casse deciding to fly up into the alien spaceship in Independence Day. She knew it was over. Knew her final seconds were being counted down as that cloud started wafting through everyone’s senses. She was just waiting for her final challenger to step in and end it. Like Hector on his knees staring up at Achilles type of shit.

PS – How bad did that thing smell that there were several adult witnesses watching but not intervening? I just picture them all trying to get in there to break things up but just backing away the second they hit the stench. Go out with a bang I guess.