Yahoo - Terrell Owens, NBA player? It could have happened this past summer. The L.A. Clippers’ Blake Griffin, speaking Tuesday morning on “The Dan Patrick Show,” said Owens wanted to latch on to the Clips. “He was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said. While Griffin said that Owens “can play a little bit,” the chances of him catching on with the Clippers are slim indeed. But maybe he just hit the wrong Los Angeles basketball team. T.O.: hit up the Lakers. Those guys need all the help they can get.

First off, I think as a general rule, NBA teams don’t sign players who get beat 1-on-1 by 3 foot tall black midgets:

And second, that’s really too bad because the Bulls bench is fucking WEAK right now. Last night against the Clips they played with an 8-man rotation and got a whopping 21 points from Taj, Jimmy Butler and Nate Robinson off the pine. Taj is obviously awesome, but Butler disappears for games at a time and outside of the 2-3 minutes every game where Nate is maybe the best basketball player on the planet I just want him to stop jacking up shots, pass the ball or get subbed out for Mani Love. It’s brutal. Like I’m only half kidding when I say signing T.O. and throwing him out on the wing wouldn’t be a bad idea. Bring him in, get the crowd jacked up and let Marco Belinelli mull over the fact that he’s not Peja Stojakovic and probably shouldn’t throw up 22 shots a game. Probably couldn’t hurt.

PS – Highlight of the game last night was the clips of D-Rose doing some shoot around about 3 hours before game time on an empty court by himself.

PPS – It blows my mind that Carlos Boozer shoots over 50%. Yeah he plays the 4 but he also misses every fucking shot he takes that isn’t a finger roll. Mind bottling stuff.