Hey Sweden there’s some testicles in your wine. Gross bro.

Source – A 61-year-old caught driving with a blood-alcohol level five times over Sweden’s legal limit walked free after a court in southern Sweden cited his high tolerance for alcohol. The man told the court he had been drinking heavily on the day he was pulled over by police in November last year. He had downed the contents of six small snapps bottles and a full-strength beer during the day leading up to his shift, but this was nothing unusual, he claimed. The 61-year-old explained that he drinks every day, even before work, and that the additional 200 millilitres of mulled wine made no difference to his mental state. 

But when he was pulled over, the man had a blood alcohol content of exactly 1.0 promille, five-times over Sweden’s legal limit of 0.2 promille and enough to warrant stiffer charges of aggravated drunken driving. He claimed, however, that he didn’t feel under the influence at all while driving to work. He also blamed the glögg for putting him so far over the limit, but pleaded with the court that he shouldn’t be convicted because he thought the traditional Swedish mulled wine he had been drinking was simply an alcohol-free variety. The court agreed, stating in its ruling that as the man drinks alcohol every day, even before heading to work, he must have a high tolerance for alcohol.


Amen! This must be what it felt like when chicks were allowed to vote and blacks could play baseball and shit after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. It’s about damn time the drunkard’s suffrage movement got a little respect around here. I mean it’s not a secret anymore that the hierarchy of safe driving goes “buzzed driving > sober driving > shitfaced driving”. Everybody knows the key is you just have to know when to flip the switch and slow down on the booze. Like this Swedish guy. After he finished his 6th bottle of Schnapps, a beer and some mulled wine he probably thought to himself, “Hey easy there Sven, you gotta be at work in a half an hour, might wanna switch to water soon”. That’s called being responsible. Doesn’t matter if you’re BAC is at .2 promille or 1.0 promille like this dude’s, all that matters is you know your limits. And this 61 year old alcoholic lunatic knows his limits plain and simple. I’m just glad the courts finally had the wherewithal to recognize that.